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"THE HARDY SHOW" (S5 E10)- "Golden Return" - Preview [ Wednesday
December 12th, 2007]

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Matt Hardy Has Emergency Surgery Tonight [ Wednesday
November 21st, 2007]

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Matt Hardy underwent an emergency appendectomy in a Tampa, Fla. hospital tonight. He was scheduled to appear at tonight's SmackDown taping, but this suddenly came up. Hardy's expected to be out of action for one to three months. Hardy didn't appear at the tapings, so this health issue surfaced earlier in the day.

Here is WWE.com's official announcement regarding his appendectomy:

Matt Hardy undergoes surgery
Written: November 21, 2007

TAMPA, Fla. – SmackDown Superstar Matt Hardy underwent an emergency appendectomy at a Tampa area hospital tonight. Doctors expect the surgery to keep Hardy out of action anywhere from 1-3 months.

An appendectomy by definition is the removal of the appendix from the lower right area of the abdomen. Oftentimes, if the surgery is not performed immediately, severe consequences can follow.

Hardy’s emergency surgery comes less than a week after suffering a knee injury at the hands of his former partner, the United States Champion MVP. Did the attack by MVP help lead to the appendectomy that Hardy underwent tonight?

Stay tuned to WWE.com for updates on Matt Hardy’s condition.

credit - wwe.com & rajah.com


S5 E8 "Miller’s Memories" (Preview) [ Tuesday
November 20th, 2007]

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Matt Hardy Update [ Monday
November 19th, 2007]

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For those of you that have asked, Matt Hardy is not injured. The SmackDown superstar was backstage at WWE's supershow in Fort Meyers on Florida and the Survivor Series pay-per-view last night.

credit - prowrestling.com


Curious? [ Sunday
November 18th, 2007]

[ mood | geeky ]

What was the reason behind Matt Hardy not wrestling tonight?

That kind of pissed me off A LOT!!!!!


Preview: Surviving siblings [ Monday
November 12th, 2007]

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The last stop before Survivor Series will see the reuniting of the Hardys when Raw's Intercontinental Champion, Jeff, teams with his brother and one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Matt. The dynamic duo will face the team of Raw's Mr. Kennedy & United States Champion, and Matt Hardy's co-champion, MVP. How will SmackDown's Franchise Playa and Raw's cocky Kennedy function against one of the most successful tandems in WWE history?

Just two days before World Heavyweight Champion Batista steps into “the devil’s playground” – Hell in a Cell – against Undertaker at Survivor Series, The Animal will face Mark Henry on Friday Night SmackDown. In a WWE.com exclusive, the champion had strong words for the World’s Strongest Man (WATCH), who has taken full advantage of the working arrangement between SmackDown and ECW of late. With Henry undoubtedly looking to continue his dominant ways against the World Heavyweight Champion, will the encounter soften up Batista before his fifth – and surely most epic – battle with Undertaker? Or does The Animal plan on sending a definitive statement to The Phenom through Mark Henry?

The hatred between Rey Mysterio and Finlay soared to new heights on SmackDown last Friday when the two faced off in a rematch from Cyber Sunday. Defeating the Master of the 619 wouldn’t be enough for the irate Irishman, as he unleashed a fierce attack that left his high-flying opponent grounded and badly battered. With the two set to oppose each other at Survivor Series as part of the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match, what will Finlay’s next step be in this vicious rivalry? Will Mysterio seek retribution for the Celtic’s combatant’s assault this Friday?

Matt Hardy & MVP escaped with their WWE Tag Team Titles on SmackDown when they barely defeated the Major Brothers in a title match Friday night. Clearly, with Hardy and the Untied States Champion MVP scheduled to be on opposing sides at Survivor Series, the tension continues to grow between the dysfunctional duo. What will happen when the champions arrive in Wichita, Kan., this week, only two days before they square off against each other at WWE’s Thanksgiving tradition?

For the answers to these questions, and more, tune into Friday Night SmackDown, 8/7 CT, only on The CW Network.

credit - wwe.com


S5 E7 "Where Is Hed Bin Hiden?" [ Tuesday
October 9th, 2007]

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Random [ Tuesday
October 2nd, 2007]

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Bringing you some joy, one day at a time with a little help from Mattitude.

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Smackdown Results 9-28-07 [ Monday
October 1st, 2007]

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credit - wrestlingheadlines.com

[ Sunday
September 30th, 2007]



As one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Hardy has been busy making up for the shortcomings of his not-so-silent partner, MVP.


S5 E6 "A HARD DAY’S WORK" [ Thursday
September 27th, 2007]

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3 Pics of Matt Hardy [ Wednesday
September 26th, 2007]

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Matt Hardy = BeautifulCollapse )


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Pimping [ Sunday
September 23rd, 2007]


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SmackDown Countdown 2007: Matt Hardy [ Friday
September 7th, 2007]

Who needs Lita? Not this guy.Collapse )

225 lbs.
Cameron, N.C.
In the ring, Matt Hardy lives his motto: "I will not die." Time and time again he has sacrificed his body for both the enjoyment of the fans, and the sport which he has loved so dearly for his entire life. Matt came to the WWE in 1998 as a tag team specialist, teaming up with his brother Jeff to form the appropriately named The Hardys. While severely undersized, The Hardys' outstanding chemistry and unmatched heart carried them to stardom. The Hardys went on to become five-time World Tag Team Champions in WWE before breaking up in 2002.
In 2003, shortly after joining the SmackDown roster, Matt Hardy pursued the Cruiserweight Championship. After struggling for weeks to make the weight limit, Hardy defeated Kidman for the Championship at No Way Out '03.
In 2004, Hardy was chokeslammed by Kane and sat at home for a few months. While Hardy was away, he learned that his long-time real life girlfriend, Lita, was having a sordid affair with Edge. Adding to an already emotional period, Matt was also released from WWE during the same time. It wasn't long before information regarding the personal hell Matt was experiencing became public knowledge. His faithful followers began to make their voices heard at WWE events across the country. In fact, Matt points out the crowd's reaction at Madison Square Garden at the April 12 Raw for starting his "movement."
Unable to simply sit at the sidelines while his heart was wrenching, Matt started popping up uninvited at WWE events, wreaking havoc on Edge and Lita every chance he had. He even called in and crashed Lita's Byte This! interview, confronting her about their tumultuous relationship. Not long after, Mr. McMahon said that Hardy was starting fires all over the place, and he couldn't help but to pour gasoline on those fires by re-hiring Matt.
After clashing with Edge on several occasions including a classic steel cage bout at the 2005 Unforgiven which saw Hardy defeat Edge following a daring legdrop from the top of the cage, Hardy and Edge would meet one more time in a ladder match at the Raw Homecoming in October 2005. The battle would result in the two bitter rivals' careers going in quite different directions. After taking Edge to the limit and nearing an end, Lita interjected herself in the match costing Matt not only the match but his spot on the Raw roster.
Source: WWE.com
Twist of Fate 1 Twist of Fate 2

credit - ign.com

September 3rd, 2007]

New Matt Hardy Action FiguresCollapse )



Matt Hardy Comments On Jeff, Summerslam, Tag Team [ Tuesday
August 21st, 2007]

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Between The Ropes
Friday, August 17, 2007
Central Florida's Sports Radio 740 The Team
Simulcast online at BetweenTheRopes.com

This week Between The Ropes host Brian Fritz was able to talk with WWE Superstar Matt Hardy about his boxing match with Evander Holyfield, the direction of his singles career, and much more in an interview posted exclusively on BetweenTheRopes.com

The interview started with some discussion of Matt's boxing match against Evander Holyfield. Matt discussed how he wound up in the fight and said that it was "the most intimidating situation he's been in."

Regarding the series of challenges that he and MVP have done before their match at Summerslam Matt joke that he would like a horseshoes showdown against MVP. He then said "come hell or high water I'm going to leave (Summerslam) with the U.S. Title."

The discussion then turned to how Matt see the direction of his career. "I feel like I'm at a great place. Smackdown has really been plagued by injuries over the course of the summer and I feel like it has given me an opportunity to step up. Almost every week I've been in a 20 minute match, and while I am working against MVP a lot of people have perceived me as the MVP of Smackdown recently…I'm excited to have that chance and have tried to make the most of it."

Asked about the great reaction that he and his brother Jeff get from the fans Matt said "I think the people respect us. Wrestling fans are really loyal, they remember all the ladder matches, table matches, the TLC matches, and all the things we've put our bodies through. We've given them everything from our bodies and souls to entertain them and they remember that and respect that." Matt also said he is able to connect with the fans since he a blue collar kind of guy that has had to work to get where he is.

On whether he would have liked to continue tagging with his brother as he had earlier in the year Matt said he would "rather continue down the singles path. As a tag team we've been seven time world tag team champs, we've been in every type of tag match you can do, and it's always something I'll want to come back to, but we've done it all there. As a singles competitor I haven't done it all and that's what I want to do.

Looking back at the Edge and Lita situation from a couple of years ago Matt said that he is "way past that." He said that it was a tough situation losing a relationship, a friend, and a job, but he didn't let it hang him up and he doesn't harbor any resentment toward anyone. Matt also admitted that he was "very close" to not returning to the WWE, but that in the end things turned out well.

The interview concluded with Matt being asked about his thoughts on the current tag team division. "It's tough, just because tag team wrestling isn't something that is a priority in the WWE. One thing that I tell the guys they should…do is for each member to find their own identity…They should really try and single out personality traits within the persona and still have something for the team." Matt also concluded that "a lot of the guys are newer and don't have a lot of experience, so they're learning on the job and that's what I think slows a lot of the newer tag teams down."

To listen to the entire Matt Hardy interview, including how he feels about having his brother back with the company and his thoughts on an upcoming documentary on his OMEGA wrestling promotion visit the show online at http://www.BetweenTheRopes.com.


[ Monday
July 30th, 2007]

Indeed, I have read the community rules, and I realize it says "no advertising." But, I'm going to anyway, just to give all you lovely MFers the knowledge of mattfollowers. We are a community of Matt Hardy fans who partake in such things such as weekly icon challenges, Matt Hardy "Pic of the Day", and "MFer of the month" contests!

We're a friendly, fun loving and active community. So feel free to drop by!


Future Plans For Matt & Jeff Hardy Revealed [ Monday
June 25th, 2007]

Right now the plan is to move the Hardys back to singles. Their run as a tag team was only supposed to be a one-time deal; however since they went over so well WWE decided to give them a few more matches. At one point they almost decided not to have them challenge Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch at last night’s Vengeance pay-per-view.

The working idea backstage is to have Matt Hardy get a big singles push on SmackDown as a babyface who loses all the time but stays over. They then want Jeff to develop a prankster type personality backstage which could be used to integrate him into the Jackass angle planned for SummerSlam.

Source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

[ Thursday
June 21st, 2007]

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Hardy's hell week [ Monday
June 11th, 2007]

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Looking back at the last seven days, it’s safe to say that this might have been one of the worst weeks of Matt Hardy’s in-ring career.

One week ago, Matt and brother Jeff survived a brutal Ladder Match against The World’s Greatest Tag Team at One Night Stand…and that was the easy part. Because come the next night on Raw, The Hardys ran into a delusional, maniacal Mr. McMahon, and that’s when the trouble began.

“For the longest time, I’ve thought Mr. McMahon was crazy…but now, I know he’s clinically insane,” Matt said about the Chairman’s Raw antics.

Those antics? Putting The Hardys, who were banged up and possibly not even able to compete, into a match with Cade & Murdoch for the World Tag Team Championship. Matt & Jeff battled valiantly as they always do, but their two-month reign as champions came to an end courtesy of their Southern challengers. As if that wasn’t bad enough, to add insult to injury, Cade & Murdoch attacked The Hardys with the gold after the match, proving their “new attitude was a ruse.”

Thanks to Mr. McMahon, Matt Hardy found himself down for the count twice in one week.

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credit - wwe.com


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